Friday, March 28, 2008

My car is 6 figures

28 March 2008 marks a very important day. Two things have happened today. First, my brother has reached the monumental age of 30 and he is still a menace to society. Yes ladies, he is single and available.

Second, my car reached it's 100,000 mile mark. Yes folks, 6 figures refers to its mileage and its current value in pennies, not it's value in dollars. My car has never needed any major repairs, just regular oil changes and maintenance.

Here are pictures of the momentous occasion (Sorry, the car not the birthday. I sadly won't be able to head to Oregon for my brother's birthday).


Jennifer Pelo Rawlings said...

Do cops parole the blogs/websites looking for proof of reckless driving? Crazy, but cool that you could document it. I always miss it.

Dave Westbrooks said...

Speeding like that will get a person killed..............and so would a big a%$ gun (like the one gloriously displayed on your blog) if I ever showed even the slightest interest in something like it............ and Aenea caught me of course. Sorry for the profanity, I know you're trying to keep this clean and family oriented, but that is a huge gun. :-)